Badge Carrier
Custom-made badge holder / HideAway holder
Great for folks with lots of ID or prox badges.

Thanks to Canadian Ray Ealdama for making the first
several cordura badge holders.
Carriers are shipped with the nylon cord shown. As an
example of attention to detail by my carrier maker, he
insists on using the flat nylon cord with it instead of the
round because it lays better.

If your HideAway size is above a 4.80, the bottom of your
HideAway capsule will show along the bottom.

If you want to remove the velcro'd-in special sheath,
wedge a credit card between the velcro and the sheath. It's
very difficult to remove, so it will stay put during a draw!
HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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