Behind-Waist (aka IWB) Carry Options
SheathSticks - Jeans Rivets style
SheathSticks are sized to be the exact size of Levi jeans
rivets. The ones shown above were designed to blend
with the dingy brass rivets or buttons on your jeans.
That same color was picked to also blend with the thread
color used on most jeans.

I spent a year working with 3 manufacturers before
finding one who could make them to my specification.
The first manufacturer became spooked when they
realized it could have military or LEO applications. The
second was lame and couldn't make the locking back
correctly. I almost gave up, and tried a third on a lark.

They are $19.95 / pair, and you can buy them by clicking
on "I want one". All HideAways bikini sheaths have
SheathStick holes in the Kydex.
The Double-J by J-Co is 2 overlapping J-shaped pieces of kydex. The J can grab on to a the lip of a waistband if it's
not too thin. The important thing with the Double-J when wearing it without a belt, is to position it so that your belt
loop is bracing the Double-J when you draw it.
Belts are like vestigial organs to a lot of women. God gave me hipbones so I don't need belts. So many weapons
options rely on a substantial belt that does not work with any female clothing that you can buy, even if I wanted to
wear a 1.5" belt all the time. Even on pants that I'd like to modify to take a gun belt, you need to be able to sew really
well to reset a waistband and extend belt loops.

Here are a couple carry methods that do not rely on a belt.:
For guys, the SheathSticks are in "invisible mode", behind your belt. This option makes it look as though you have
nothing on your belt at all. (see on my roommate's Dockers and jeans - he wonders where his clothes disappear to...)
HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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