Under-Collar Options
SheathSticks - Patriotic Star
SheathSticks are sized to be the exact size of Levi jeans rivets. The ones shown above were designed to look like a
patriotic emblem

I spent a year working with 3 manufacturers before finding one who could make them to my specification. The first
manufacturer became spooked when they realized it could have military or LEO applications. The second was lame and
couldn't make the locking back correctly. I almost gave up, and tried a third on a lark.

They are $19.95 / pair, and you can buy them by clicking on "I want one". All HideAways bikini sheaths have
SheathStick holes in the Kydex. Or, you could use a 1/32'nd drill bit to add the holes where you want them in your
existing Kydex sheaths
4 knives to hide.
4 knives well-hidden
(Guys might want to modify the placement of the Strider AD, considering your man-parts during the drawstroke.)
I had to slow up this video-clip, because at normal-speed, it looked more like he was scratching his shoulder than
deploying a HideAway. Can you see the animation above? If not, please email me at

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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