Review of FrontSight's HideAway, a sneaky sharp concealable edge in S30V stainless -- Jake Bush

"Now you have to understand at first I am a knife nut. I love knives. I go no where with out a knife. Most of the time I have 2 or 3 on me. And I'll leave the house with just this one on me. So yeah I like it. From the beginning....

First impressions. I received my HideAway from the sheath maker (good job Keith Morgan at the Blade show to open. It was delivered with several goodies (band-aid, a Lifesaver, FS sticker) in a small box and the sheathed knife itself.

Well you just can't prepare yourself to receive a knife, a self defense knife with nearly a 2" fixed blade no less, in a THIN CD case with A LOT of room to spare. I was blown away. More than blown away. It is a jewel with a 1.78" edge. And a very sharp one at that. There arenít pics of this finish yet on her website,, but you can see which one I have below.

And it weighs nothing! I mean nothing!

I had originally ordered a Strider HideAway but was just off having the right size fingers for the first several batches. And after playing with mine and one in the size just below mine...well the fitting is dead on. Measure just as she says, and trust the system. It works. Dead on.

Long time trials. I work in close contact with the general public. I meet some 40 to 80 people a day. So for an experiment I decided to wear my HideAway. For Four hours I "wore" it. I talked to people, I wrote my daily notes, I opened boxes, and I gave one guy directions and POINTED him in right direction and HE NEVER NOTICED. This knife is invisible. Undetectable. Batman and James Bond are on the waiting list for these knives.

Can it cut.. It is a knife. And knives are made to cut. And cut it does. Like a razor attached to your fingers. It feels like a scissor. Not a pair of scissors, a single scissor. Takes a little getting used to. Feels a whole lot different than a normal knife. But when you look at how it works... well it works. All day, lots of cutting, still sharp. Gets slightly unsharp (won't pop hair), is EASY to resharpen. Carry it all day, never gets noticed and DOESN'T weigh you down. And how many knives have you seen that are this small, this light, that really work? And not in a micro-scalpel way either. But a rip cardboard all day, whittle a little, cut anything and everything knife. You aren't going to chop a tree down with it but let me see you peel an orange with an axe. With no chance of dropping it. None. Zero, zilch, nada. You don't hold this knife; you wear it. You don't put it down you take it off. Holding it isn't an active thing like hanging onto knife but passive like wearing a ring.

Put one on and you are a human velociraptor. Now would you wanna take on a person with a 2 inch razor sharp claw on their hand? And that is what it is meant to do. To protect and deter. To give a person an opportunity to get away WITHOUT DROPPING YOUR KNIFE. And then run. Or hit. Or draw a gun. Or another knife. Slice the bad guy hard, back up and draw and shoot the bastard. Hell, if he tries to take your gun, keep cutting while retaining your gun. Like I said it is your claw. Part of you. He'd have to cut it off. And you have the knife.

The draw. From a neck knife carry it comes out of nowhere. When friends of mine ask what new knives I have and I pull it they almost automatically say (WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!?!?). Hope the bad guy feels the same way.

Doing business with the HideAway lady. She has become a dear friend. Her successes make me proud and her setbacks I feel like they are mine. Her eccentricities are lovable forgivable or understandable. No one will do you more right than her. Trust her and be patient. The result is more than worth it. Even if it was just for a knife.

Getting it made. She keeps improving the design. As for the getting-it-made-and-made-right process, well that is just about as revolutionary as the knife itself. What she can't do herself, she has pursued the best in the business to do. And the best in the business are helping her: Strider, Simonich, Yurco, Marlowe, Hossom, as well as two relative unknowns whose work caught her eye - Brum and Cucchiara. And the man with the magic lens, photographer Shelby Chan.

Overall judgment. This is the new thing. It is IT. For what it does, it can't be beat. This is the better mouse trap, get inline before the path is beaten completely to the door. Expect long lines, a generous wait and a product worth it all. I've already ordered 2 more and am keeping my eye on the availables in case I find more I like. And I will.

An addict,

Jake Bush"

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