The HideAway offers an advantage in transferring force from the stroke to the target. When grasped with fingers inserted into the "capsule", the wrist can be locked in-line with the forearm. This alignment is much like a conventional straight boxing punch, which is an efficient means of transmitting force to the target. The "capsule" aids in retention so well, that rapid forceful strikes can be made, without hard impacts degrading the grip.

When used with a "hooking" or "ripping" slash, powerful strokes can be made while maintaining grip. Once again, the locked wrist position aides in power transfer. Furthermore the "capsule" retention will resist loss of grip if clothing or hard object is snagged during the stroke.

The small visible signature of the knife provides inconspicuous carry. The under two-inch blade allows this to be a legal fixed blade in Jurisdictions that stipulate blades longer that two inches are "illegal weapons". The tactical option of pre-deployment with hand and fingers ready for other grasping needs, is ideal for "armed escape". One does not have to release the weapon to manipulate doors or keys. Thus, if needed in a heartbeat, the weapon is already in hand.

Seth Thomas

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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