Now that I've had some time to train with the Hideaway, I'd like to add to my previous comments.

The overall utility of this design is continuing to impress me. I was able to perform many "empty-hand" manuevers while wearing the knife on my hand. This means that you are able to use your open hand to achieve head control ( a la JKD or Muay Thai ) and simply make a fist while drawing your hand away to perform the cut. This fist-making produces the edge in cutting position, and allows immediate open-hand techniques by simply opening your hand!

For LEOs, who may have subject-control issues, the Hideaway can provide a "safety-valve" when grasping a subject. If the suspect resists the grasp, the knife can be immediately deployed to assist in "cooperation".

This knife will also be handy for rock climbers, where weight and size are factors that determine what equipment goes or stays. I'm sure that there are many other applications not yet examined.

Once again, VERY nice!

Lee Aldridge
Head Instructor
Reality Based Fighting Concepts
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