I just received my "Hybrid" HideAway, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it! The knife fits my hand as if were made for it (which I suppose it was :-). I’ve been playing with it for a few hours and I’m really beginning to appreciate the concept behind this design. It’s a great idea to make a defense tool that doesn’t have to be constantly grasped in an active mode…having an additional hand free is a great advantage. I love the grinds that Mick put on the HideAway; it's really amazing to see that kind of work on such a small blade. It’s a great idea and an excellent implementation…my compliments to both you and Mr. Strider.

[... specific on-the-job hidden-carry sheath discussion ...]

I’ve rambled on enough…I really just wanted to thank you and Mick for the exceptional job you did with the HideAway. This whole process has been a lot of fun for me as a customer, and I expect that I’ll be ordering at least one more HideAway (I’ve got my eye on the double-edged Straight model). Thanks again, and take care…

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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