Have you ever considered developing an integrated badge holder/sheath for the HideAways? Iím a civilian employee of the DoD (I work on an Air Force base), and as such Iíve had to wear an ID badge for many years. Iíve tried any number of the cheap, readily available ID rigs (clip-on plastic pouches, retractable cords, around-the-neck cases, etc.) but none of them work particularly well. Theyíre either unduly cumbersome or so poorly made that they fall apart quickly. Which brings me to my current "problem"Ö

One of the consequences of our current enhanced security climate is a change in access protocols for military facilities. In the past, we were simply required to have our ID displayed somewhere on our person, ready for presentation as required. If greater scrutiny was ever needed, it was usually sufficient to simply hand the ID in its holder to the security personnel for a quick review. Now we are required to remove badge (itís actually a laminated card) from its holder and present it to the security police for inspection every time we cross a checkpoint or access a controlled facility (itís no longer an option to just hand over the entire badge holder for review). While I understand the necessity of these inspections, it does cause a lot of wear and tear on the various types of badge/ID holders that Iíve triedÖI go through about two of the plastic pouches every month.

I was wondering if it would be possible to develop a durable badge holder (set up to be worn on a chain or cord around the neck) with an integrated sheath for the HideAway? Since I no longer pass the holder itself to the security personnel, there would be minimal risk of revealing the knife with such a rig (the knife is perfectly legal, in any event). For it to satisfy my requirements, the rig would have to have the following three features: (1) It must allow for easy removal and presentation of the ID, (2) It must leave the front of the ID visible when worn about the neck (or clipped to clothing), and (3) it should provide reasonably secure retention of the ID card. I understand that the original concept for the HideAways was based on the idea of a knife/sheath that could be worn behind the badge or holder, but I canít help but think that an integrated unit would work better for me.

Itís just a thoughtÖI realize that youíve got a lot on your plate with this HideAway project already, and probably donít have the time to consider specialized sheath options. I may actually have to get some Kydex and experiment a bit myself. Heck, itíd be worthwhile if I could just come up with a decent rig for the ID card aloneÖadding the ability to carry (another) knife is just a bonus J .

Iíve rambled on enoughÖI really just wanted to thank you and Mick for the exceptional job you did with the HideAway. This whole process has been a lot of fun for me as a customer, and I expect that Iíll be ordering at least one more HideAway (Iíve got my eye on the double-edged Straight model). Thanks again, and take careÖ

Jim Herring

P.S.: I love the certificate, sticker and Band-Aid that were included with the knife...it makes for a fun little package.

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