My Rip Redondo Training Buddy is something I practice on with a real edge. Rip Redondo = duct tape wrapped around upholstery foam wrapped around a 5' wood dowel standing in a bucket of cement.

Pictures below show what I did with my HideAway ground by Mick Strider.

After I went halfway through the cut was when it surprised me at how powerful it is at pulling through and finishing, even if your arm happens to be at a weak angle. My buddies Seth Thomas and SouthNarc would be able to immediately wax eloquent on this feature and its relationship to Filipino Martial Arts and SouthNarc would use the Pakal word several times and perhaps other strange words like Pekiti-Tirsia. I just know that it cuts well, and its felt-efficiency at pulling through and finishing surprised me. Exhibit A:

You can see from the pictures what it did. The smaller cuts above on Rip are where I pushed it in and pulled it out, to test if it could just cut straight in. It could.

Here are more pics of Rip and also my Spar Pro Man training dummy. With a SparProMan and Rip Redondo, you have the perfect Commando Training Center. People have interesting reactions to SparProMan. Men want to hit him. Women want to touch him (hence, the shirt up.) Rule #1 though: No lipstick on SparProMan!

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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