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Jul, 2018

HideAwayKnife.com resumed business on May 1, 2018 after some needed time off for medical issues. For all of May and for the next couple months to celebrate we are just about doubling every order with free items. May customers all did quite well! The site will once again take paypal payments for reservations that have been reviewed for next day ship and set to maypay. Soon we will announce some new web sites, including shopify - that simplify ordering and buying by elimating reservations.

Reservations were very confusing to customers. They allowed folks to cause things to be made, that would later be set to maypay. Then those items would show in http://www.hideawayknife.com/pay.php where you selected what you wanted to pay for from what you reserved that was ready. The new websites will eliminate reservations.

William is fully recovered and full of energy after medical issues caused him to suspend the business for over a year. One hits an age when a bunch of issues have to be fixed - in this case hernia surgery, a minor bladder cancer spot removal, a back fatty tumor removal, polyps surgery after colinoscopy, and a urolift prostrate procedure. Now he feels about 30 years old again and hopes the next 40 years will remain free of any health issues.

We have hired one new person in addition to William to help with manufacturing and shipping. We are off to a good start in May with the advantage of nearly a million bucks in inventory on the shelf. We just finished up hundreds of new straight sheaths to test our stamina - and we finished up cat claw sheaths. Now we are making hybrid sheaths and for the first time a better press plate formed curvy sheath. Curvy sheaths in the past were formed the old way with high temperature foam and a vise pressing kydex onto the knife. Press plates create the perfect snap fit by forming the two sheath halves precisely. This week has seen bro clips, rip cords, belt wraps and double J's made in the many dozens each.

We are aware of about 20 or fewer issues of shipments that were missed when william was too sick and will work to resolve those over July and August. Hopefully very few will involve new knife batches since that can take longer. Emails to artemisweapons@yahoo.com are once again welcome for any issue no matter how old. The order and reservations database is intact, as are all paypal records. The HideAway phone number is 407-580-9936 as always. Due to the volumes of spam calls it is best to email to artemisweapons@yahoo.com ahead of time to ask to be added to my contacts list to make sure your calls get answered. One of the major issues we expect to get a total handle on in the next month is spam filtering. We hear google does a better job of eliminating spam and do have the same email addresses that end in @google.com, but have hesitated since our email address has not changed from day zero in 2003.

We hope people that have been wondering whatever happened to HideAway and want a HideAwayKnife.com knive will come back to the site and experience William's renewed energy and the energy of Cory. For a few months William was mindful that his knives might take a leap in value, were he moved on from this world to the world of memories. Alas poor Vincent Van Gogh was long dead before his paintings sold for millions. But William's family tends to live to be 100 so there is still time to get original HideAway Knives. We are ramping up to get everyone the knives they want.

William and HideAway are located next to Disney World Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Once all the accessory baskets are overflowing again - we will take some time to reveal the adventures of the last few years and introduce the new websites.

Apr, 2014

The best place to buy a HideAway Knife is right here on this web or by emailing artemisweapons@yahoo.com. I make accessories, sheaths and knives in Orlando, Florida, USA. Inventory is great on 440C tiger striped straights, tiger striped cat claws, tiger claws and straights (utility). Inventory is good on most S30V straights, tiger claws and hybrids. Some Damascus is in stock. Buying direct from HideAway makes it possible to make more batches that solve the few size shortages. Email artemisweapons@yahoo.com if you want to ask if the knife you want can ship same or next day - most can.

Today I am finishing up cat claw sheaths, straight sheaths and 1000 bro clips and rip cords. Lace spikes and black sheathsticks are in great supply - I now ship 3 sheathsticks with longer pins for denim with each sheathstick order.

All HideAway customers from day zero (2003 to Oct 16-2009) that buy anything get free rev 6 bikini sheaths for every (paid or free) bikini sheath (stright or tiger claw) they have ever gotten. The rev 6 bikini retention is superior and I want everyone to have them. My budget would not allow me to just pay all that postage - hence I include these sheath upgrades in any order that causes me to ship. For example if a customer has 20 stright/tiger claw HideAways - a bro clip order would come with 20 new sheaths.

Jan, 2011

The S30V replenishment batch and many long awaited custom Damascus blades are in - S30V cat claws, tiger claws and straights in highly polished S30V are $159.00. These knives tested at Rockwell 65. The finish and the sharpening are perfection. There are 2000 of these beauties. Reserve them in "I want". Check out some pics of a few of the knives in this batch. These can be DLC (diamond like coat - a matte black finish applied by ION Bond). Custom Damascus orders will ship as I sheath. Check out the Hakukuri in damascus.

Click the link - three times a week I make as many sheaths as are on that rug with my hands.


Apr, 2010

The 440C tiger striped cat claws are all in - in every size and are specially priced at $79.00. These knives tested over Rockwell 62 - an awesome heat treat job. The finish and the sharpening are perfection. There are 600 of these beauties - and a 45 day manufacturing cycle to make sure I can keep them in stock. The same knives will be available later in S30V at a higher price - but I thought these would be more welcome during the recession. The last of the sizes came in on 10-May-2010

Every duracoated knife is done - if you are one of 5 people still due one - you have to reply to my address check email or email me at artemisweapons@yahoo.com with your address verification. Now I have three day turnaround on new duracoat orders. I realized a bit late in the game that coatings - DLC coat and duracoat - are tested with salt spray and chemicals - not by grabing the knife with a vice grip and testing to see if the coating gets scratched. My bad. For a while I was wondering what I was doing wrong when my brass brush wheel on a grinder would remove all the coating. I did learn to wash knives carefully in brake cleaner fluid and bake them for an hour at 350 before applying the first coat. Durabake worked better for me than Duracoat.

DLC coated hybrids are shipping next.

If you had ordered a pocket pro - they are now easy for me to make - and you need to send a nudge to artemisweapons@yahoo.com - because you may not have answered my address check emails so that you can get yours shipped out.

Mickey Yurco once gave me a set of lace spikes and now I have made them available. Basically a set of spikes mounted on a curved oval piece of kydex that fits over the tongue of a laced up shoe. When the shoe is laced up only the spikes show - unless they are under your pants cuff. I am duracoating the spikes black to make them less visible. I doubt if these are legal in every state - but if you are attacked when you are jogging - you might be glad to have them.

Check out the Damascus knives that have come in - ankle talons, ankle stings and ankle tantos are here in quantity with mature sheaths that fit perfectly. These pretty knives are priced to sell. Despite some of my too high bids on Ebay for Damascus - I am holding prices down now because I know the economy scares many. Many folks ordered custom Damascus - those are waterjetted, double disk ground, chamfered and heat treated and tumbled and on the way to grind, then sharpen. They are going thru the same process that many sheets of S30V cuts are going thru. Titanium will be back in stock in all sizes again in late May.

Check out Troy Franklin Tinsman aka napalm_frank - he has made a Utube pic with HideAways.





People ask me if I am in business - and I realize that I need to communicate a lot more - I incorporated HideAway in 2003 and it has never changed hands. I am responsible for every issue from day zero - and no issue is too old to get my immediate attention. Send any nudges to artemisweapons@yahoo.com - I read that email daily. Frontsight is still around - but had to take a back seat for a while because of the time it took to take care of aging parents. HideAway ships knives every day of the week - it keeps me busy from 8AM to midnight most of the time. I prefer emails but my phones are: William Cell: 407-580-9936 Alternate: 407-385-7916

I am considering spending some time sharing many more details about the business and my life and experiences. Some may know that I built in Orlando, Florida and have all the pictures and stories that go with that kind of massive project. For a while it limited my ability to throw more cash into the business - because overruns were eating me alive - but I am all done and in control now. Does anyone out there want to see what I look like and have links to what runnning HideAway is like day by day? Let me know at artemisweapons@yahoo.com.

Feb, 2008

We have a limited supply of Midnight (IonBond's DLC-coated) style S30V stainless HideAway knives of either claw or straight blade profiles available for shipment. These can be seen at http://www.HideAwayKnife.com/availnow.php

The new Midnight (DLC-coated by Ionbond) S30V steel HideAways were: Waterjet-cut for accuracy in sizing, double-disk ground to assist in precise fit to sheath, vibratory tumbled to achieve handle smoothness, DLC-coated by Ionbond, professionally sharpened, and also laser-etched (not chemically etched).

To take advantage of their immediate availability: Click the "Avail Now" link (upper left corner) of the HideAway Knife main page or

Any knife you reserve (click "Add") will no longer be visible to others and cannot be sold once you reserve it -so please only reserve what you want and intend to pay for immediately.If you do not see these knives in your size on "Avail Now" order from "I Want One". Unlike "Avail Now" you cannot pay for an "I Want One" knife until I assign a knife to your reservation and email you.I can ship this HideAway within 2 days via USPS Mail.

This is the only batch of midnight straights or claws I expect to have available for the first half of next year due to their long lead times. Attached are several pictures.

Here are 2 pictures of the styles available in several sizes.

May, 2005

Rumor has it that a review by Ralph Mroz will be appearing in Tactical Knives magazine with HideAways as a cover page inset photo. This magazine is just arriving in subscribers' mailbox now. I've heard the title is, "The Fistload from Hell!"

The article indicates that Utility HideAways are available. This is true. It has been a 1.5 year effort to create a budget ($69) HideAway.
You can read about it here:http://www.hideawayknife.com/utilityhak.php <-- the (not completed yet) future page. Lots more pictures will be added to that page over the next couple days. You can check "Available Now" now to see if there are any in your size. Remember, HideAways are custom-fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
Utility HideAways start shipping to new HideAway customers this Saturday, May 28. Shipping to current HideAway owners has just started. Here is the (not completed yet) page: http://www.hideawayknife.com/utilityhak.php

March, 2005

My first mainstream media coverage just happened! I can't believe it. Results of the year of making endless prototypes at 1am, followed by another year of constant focus on designing and manufacturing ways to carry my knife, has been written up by American Handgunner, May-June issue. First heard about it from SGMKit and then a customer: "Great article about your sneaky sharp and very zen-like knives." Me: "No way!" I hadn't let my hopes get too high because Handgunner is one of the premier gun magazines, and I have not received much coverage in any knife magazine. Most new orders I get are because of other HideAway owners. I am very grateful to AH and to my combatives expert buddy in Europe who set these wheels in motion. And very lucky to have received in several batches of new HideAways this past week.

Since August I have been focused on designing 2 additional carry options, and improving the production process for my new carry options announced in fall, 2004.

Are you new to HideAways? I designed this site when I thought no one would like my knife but me. So it is more descriptive and personal than most knife sites. Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and read "A Cut Above" to understand my thinking behind the design. Then, realize that this knife is custom-fit to your hand-size. At the bottom of each page is a link that shows you how to measure. Click on "Available Now" to order a HideAway in your size. If you don't see one there, click on "I Want One" to reserve one. You will first be prompted for your email address and other info so I can remember who you are when you order. Please enter the email address that you check most often in case I have a quick question about your order.

I frequently get asked which blade shape to get. My answer is always the same - In the cutting tests that I did, I could hardly tell the difference. Get one from "Available Now" (top left hot spot in red) so you can get it the soonest. I have a very high number of repeat buyers. People get one for their keychain, one for on-person, one for near-person carry, etc. The world record is a surgeon who has 16 and just ordered 2 more. Next is a Bounty Hunter with 12 HideAways.

Many thanks to my police, military, and Federal HideAway owners who have sent me their department or unit patches for my patch collection! A Secret Service agent also sent me a very spiff Secret Service coffee cup which gives me bragging rights about having the coolest desk pen holder ever. And a Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC) sent me one of their Challenge Coins. I'm going to make a photo gallery of all received. Also thanks to a PFC for sending me some camo-mesh all the way from Iraq. He wears his HAK on his shoulder in a turret. The mesh he sent me is in the picture above.

Favorite Quotes of 2005 so far, an incomplete list:

Sneaky SF Dude: "I'm going to go out on a limb here. I am going to predict that within a year this will be the next piece of SFOperatorTACGearSpecOpsMilspecDaddyLikeyCQBM4geryGottaHaveit gear. It won't replace anything out there now, but rather be an addition to the Striders and Leathermans of the world. You will see SEALs playing combat volleyball with Oakelys, UDT shorts and HAKs on chains around their necks all over the world."

Casket 1: "They seem kind of wierd until you pick one up, then it all makes sense."

Thomas R: "The thing I appreciate is that I could put it away when the situation de-escalated and no one ever realized I had drawn it."

Emergency Room MD, re: guitar-playing with his HideAway on: "I think what it really shows is that you can use the Hideaway Knife with NO interference in quite delicate hand movements...Also wanted to also let you know that tissue compression is no joke. A strong man can punch someone in the stomach with a 2 1/2" blade knife and have it come out their back. And again, the knife you have ON YOU is way more valuable than the knife in your drawer at home. "

Anonymous: "My tactical letter opener gets used every day for extra practice."

August, 2004

Check out the video clips added of the 3 new deployment options: 1) SheathSticks 2) Belt-Wrap 3) Ripp-Cord

Please watch as the videos load.

I have completed designs and initial production for 3 new sheathing and deployment options that I am jumping up and down excited about. The first one I will have a new dedicated web page focused on them in August. They can be ordered now using the "I want one" page. The other two options became available in July, 2004, and are also orderable by clicking on "I want one".

1) SheathSticks

I've been working on SheathSticks for ~ 1 year. They are for concealing a HideAway or other knife under your collar, or any other place where you can't attach something upwards or downwards. SheathSticks are a way to attach *through*. They look like decorative pins, but are sized to go through kydex and be secured with a locking back. The first 2 manufacturers I worked with couldn't make them as I wanted. The third did.

I have ordered a small quantity of each of the 4 styles below. I am looking upon this phase as a second beta testing for the new 1-piece locking back, the post length, and the designs. Based on all testing so far, 1 pair of SheathSticks is fine for a HideAway. For other knives I've tried, I've needed 2 pair to triangulate the weight. You'll need to perform your own tests on how you decide to use them. After you press the SheathStick through the kydex, test for a solid lock by pulling on the base of the backing. It should not move. If you need more post length, push down small tab on the back of the pin, using the edge of your Kydex sheath.

Look down at the rivets in your jeans right now. The decorative "hidden in plain sight" part of the SheathStick is sized to be exactly the size of the rivets in your Levi's.

I had to slow up this video-clip, because at normal-speed, it looked more like he was scratching his shoulder than deploying a HideAway.

The original concept was how to create something that supported the HideAway in the OSS-style Lapel dagger fashion. But I wanted to do that in a practical way, since I'm not about to take a sewing needle to all of my collars.

With the Patriotic Star style SheathStick, they just look like a cool patriotic star, something different from than the standard flag, but still something people would not look twice at.

Here are examples of other SheathStick styles in different applications.

Regular white dress shirt button...

can be super-glued over rivet for other possibilities.

SheathStick'd to a Camelback

SheathStick'd to a seatbelt

Knife ends in cross draw location.

I come from the geek world where we do beta testing before we introduce a new concept. About 40 people have tested these, which led me to keep refining the design. I know it seems simple in concept but it's taken a year of constant plugging away.

  • "Using the neck sheath I can deploy knife in 1 second or less without looking- it is in fact this convenience that makes it so useful for opening packages, cutting objects etc. Much faster than the folder in my pocket."
Feedback from SheathStick Beta testers:

  • "Reminds me of the character Thom Merllin from Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" when he starts producing knives from every orifice and starts killing bad-guys." -- T.B.

    "I've tried the SheathSticks with two different knives and two different garments so far. The knives I've used are an Emerson La Griffe and a Spyderco Ronin...the garments are both jackets of a sort: a heavy weight chamois shirt that I wear as a light jacket and a slightly heavier Carharrt denim chore coat with a blanket-style lining. My preferred method of carry so far (as inspired by your pictures and commentary) is to have the sheath pinned inside the jacket behind the left breast pocket. I'm right-handed, and this method allows for convenient access and extremely quick presentation. The length on the SheathSticks is just about perfect for the clothes and the sheaths I'm using, but the material in both these garments is relatively bulky (particularly in the pocket region)...I suspect that the shanks (?) of the SheathSticks might be a bit too long for lighter weight or more tailored (i.e., close-fitting) clothing. I haven't tried it yet, but I was considering attaching my HideAway to some khakis for strong side IWB carry...this might present some comfort problems due to the length of the shanks (this is just speculation at this point...I haven't tried it yet). I don't know if this jives with the other feedback you've received, but I hope it helps..."
    -- JH

Note from FS: In response to Beta testing feedback, I shortened the shanks a smidge, and made the locks integral instead of 2-piece. I also deleted the "No easy prey" tiny lettering on the rivet because that removes any aggressive tone that someone could notice, and because the FS-SS-HAK circular lettering is a better reflection of the original Levi's rivets concept. (I believe their letters were LS-SF...(Levi-Strauss, San Francisco...) Finally, I deleted the Dept of Corrections number from the backstamp, since, well, why focus on that anyway...

  • "By the way, I'm extremely impressed with both the concept and implementation of the SheathSticks. I would never have thought of it, but it's far superior to either belt or neck carry in situations where I can wear a jacket (for me at least). 'Tis a simple thing, but it really adds a new dimension to carry options for small weapons. I also love the little details that I hadn't noticed before...the "NO EASY PREY" lettering is an elegant touch and a very cool sentiment. Well done!"-- RB

    "You have more of a knack for designing cool stuff than anyone else I know! Those SheathSticks are a GREAT idea. It's one of those things that you say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Good work girlfriend, I think you are on to something."--K

    "Those are f---ing rad!"

Stay tuned for a new website page about these in August.

July, 2004

2) Belt-Wrap

I wanted to offer a form of belt carry that was ultra low-line and also one that didn't move side-to-side on the belt as easily as kydex does.

How the Belt-Wrap works

The low profile happens because there's no bulky kydex.

The adjustability of draw happens thanks to the Dual-Lock, a better form of Velcro manufactured by 3M. Bud Nealy pioneered the use of Dual-Lock in sheathing systems. Dual-Lock looks like very small mushrooms of flexible plastic that interlock. Once you snap the mushrooms together, it is almost impossible to move it with a shearing (side-to-side) force. The Dual-Lock is riveted on to thick suede.

The side-to-side stability happens because the wrap itself is made of a very thick suede. That material, combined with a glove-like fit, provides a lot of stability.

The overall retention of the knife against the wrap is provided by the Chicago Screw point of attachment.

Belt-Wrap compatibility

The Belt-Wrap is compatible with most fixed blade sheaths.

It works with any small-eyelet (.16" diameter) sheathed < such as the HideAway bikini sheath.

With both screws attached it works with Tek-Lok compatible eyelets (.20" diameter) sheathed knife,such as the Strider SLCC sheath.

Why I really like this deployment option:

- It is more stealth than any other form of knife belt carry.
- It provides for adjustability of draw angle + is fuly compatible for lefties.
- It allows significantly less side-to-side "play" or movement because of the form-fitting nature of the wrap.
- It reduces overall cost of making your HideAway belt-attached, since it works with the FREE bikini sheath.

You can order a Belt-Wrap by clicking on "I want one" and scrolling alllllllllll the way to the bottom.

3) Ripp-Cord

I wanted to design a form of pocket deployment for fixed blades that could work with the sheaths everyone already had on their fixed blade knives.

How the Ripp-Cord works

With the HideAway, after you position the clip, it's just a "Hook & Yank". With my Kerambit, I used 2 Ripp-Cord's to set the deployment angle exactly as I wanted it.

Ripp-Cord compatibility

The Ripp-Cord is compatible with most fixed blade sheaths.

It works with any small-eyelet (.16" diameter) sheathed knife,such as the HideAway bikini sheath.

Get the converter kit which makes it work with Tek-Lok compatible eyelets (.20" diameter) sheathed knife, such as the Strider SLCC sheath.

Why I really like this deployment option:

- It's a way to transform your favorite fixed blades into something deployable from your pocket.
- It keeps your blade hanging above all the stuff in your pocket.
- It keeps the sheath in your pocket after draw.
- It doesn't require the time or expense of sending your knife off for re-sheathing
- It's stealth. Visually undetectable.
- It works with most knife sheaths.
- It makes it easier for someone to keep an edge handy instead of in the drawer at home
- It is compatible with shorts and pants pockets as well as jacket pockets.

You can order a Ripp-Cord by clicking on "I want one" and scrolling alllllllllll the way to the bottom.

June, 2004

Received some gorgeous Mick Strider custom titanium models in. These claws are the only chisel-ground HideAways except for 1 special request for a straight-edge chisel-ground. They are also the only double-edge HideAways being made now. You can find any Titaniums remaining in your size by clicking on "Available Now" and entering your HideAway size into the white box.

Double-edged Ti Claw on rice paper

and on Olive Drab and Denim 450 paracord.

a pair of Mick Strider custom Ti

Ti HideAway next to a Strider Nightmare folder

January, 2004

Cell phone HideAway mount: Check out the clever attachment that the HKSig45 guy aka Chad Miller made for his HideAway! He used his drill and the screws and gaskets that came with his Double-J belt clip. A short time later in the garage, and he created the first cell-phone mount for a HideAway, by screwing his belt sheath into his cell phone holder. So he still has the same number of things to carry on his belt.

HideAway cell phone mount - Front view

Side view

Thanks Chad for sharing the pics! Chad still likes me despite the fact that I made sure that his wife received her HideAway before he received his, so she could get bragging rights. (Just kidding - I ship them out as soon as they go through the development and sheathing steps, but I do admit that I was amused by rubbing it in that his wife received her's first!)

Feedback: Received a bunch of feedback from people who received their HideAways recently.

"I haven't fondled a knife for this long - ever -. This is one hell of a tool." -- C.A.L

"Holy Mother of Hideaways! This tool is incredible, fit is perfect, design is extremely practical and the wrap is a work of art."
-- Allen

"Got my Curvy in the other day! All can say WOW! This knife way exceeded my expectation you can definately turnthe happy customer dot too green on my order status!" :urock: :thanx: -- RB

"The Hideaway innovates on the general concept of fingerhole knives. The big step forward, for me, was that with your fingers in the "HideAway capsule", you could actually open your hands and work with your fingers. How often do you find yourself doing something around the house where you frequently have to do a cut, then manipulate the object with both hands, then do another cut, etc. Breaking down boxes, doing minor gardening and pruning, the examples go on and on. Constantly picking the knife up and putting it down gets old. The Hideaway has worked out exactly as I'd hoped: small highly-controllable blade with good cutting geometry, and when you need to work with your hands, just open them up and the knife stays put on your fingers, so when you want to cut just close your fist again. "-- JT

"Knife Received....Holy shit, this thing is friggin awesome. Perfect fit, even with nomex flight gloves. So far its proven more usefull than I had ever anticipated. Im set to deploy to northern Iraq this upcomming friday. Ill send a review from the field when I can. Thank you very much.. Happy New Year."
1/160TH INF

"The guy that got the hideaway claw is one of the divers we have for all our underwater work, he loved the design, and the ability to not have to put it down while he worked on something ... he attached the knife thru the capsule lanyard hole directly to a retractable cable reel that is connected to his scuba gear, so its always handy...pretty slick setup! "-- JB

Secret to removing Kydex scuffs from the Ti HideAways by Allen Lee: Use a pencil eraser! This works incredibly well. I tried chamois and lots of other things, but a simple pencil eraser removes the kydex residue best and fastest! In his own words: "Oh, BTW, on these Ti's, Kydex residues from initial sheath fitting wear-in can literally be "erased" with a pencil eraser!"

December, 2003
December was a blur. Grad school deadlines, work deadlines, and dealing with the death of my friend and HideAway collaborator, Rob Simonich. It is so wrong that such a wonderful man was taken. I retired the HideAway that Rob made for me the day after he died. It was the one that I wore behind my corporate ID badge. Because it was so convenient, it was my most often-used and scratched up HideAway. (HideAways are made to get used and scratched up - I prefer that someone buying my knife plans on doing this, by the way.) I can just hear him saying, "Now I don't want you to put mine away!" My response to Rob was that "Hey you aren't around to grind another one for me any more so there! "

I designed the card for Rob's funeral using Shelby Chan's awesome Blade show photo, and a poem from Rob's wife Christine. Christine seemed to really like it.

It's impossible to write this without my eyes tearing. Rob would say, "Cowboy up!"

Below is a cardboard prototype from Jason "Doc" Mark, a SWAT/LEO type, for a HideAway mount for bulletproof vests.

Top part of vest mount shown

Red training drone with denim blue and black cord-wrapped Midnight HideAways

The right pic above shows black and denim blue cord-wrapping on two Midnight HideAways by Justin Gingrich. These are probably the colors that would work best for SWAT/LEO types who are going to lash a HideAway to their vest or on their uniform. I also really like the crimson (acid-red) and the tan colors.

Cord-wrapping chad

Midnight HideAway with 2-tone cord-wrapping

Random factoid: I want to test a new sharpener, and it is annoying me how the HideAway's S30v stainless steel takes forever to get dull! What's a good way to dull S30V?

November, 2003

First Titanium HideAways arrive! : Shipped out the first Titanium HideAways received in from Mick Strider. Here's some feedback:
"Got my Ti Strider/FS HideAway yesterday! I couldn't be more happy with my HideAway. IMO it blows away the [other knife] it replaced. I really like everything about it - the design, the grinds, the killer anodizing, the accessories and the packaging. THIS is a QUALITY knife and perfect for its intended purpose. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to work on deployment or drills, but I can tell it's going to work out real well. My wife even liked the feel of it, so I may be needing another one in the near future. She liked the accessibility of it, and the fact that it wouldn't reside in her purse pocket. Her [other knife]is right here near me on the desk - she stopped carrying it in her purse for fear our young & curious daughter would find it and hurt herself.Thanks again for the great customer service. It was a pleasure doing biz with you, and well worth the wait."

Other feedback: Tree-cutting and tree-punching are *not* the HideAways intended purpose, but here is some feedback I received from a SWAT / LEO type who recently received his HideAway:
"I spent a little time this afternoon punching it into trees and cutting cardboard with it. It did nasty stuff to the cardboard and long slashes were no problem."
I need to figure out a good solution for a vest mount for him and a couple others. Lashing is always possible with the default sheath and some paracord.

The Double-J ! : Another significant advancement in HideAway sheathing was the introduction of the "Double-J" belt clip. Many thanks to Robert Hummelbaugh of Survival Sheaths and Ray Young of J-Co, inventor of the clip. I describe the Double-J in detail in the "Sheaths" section. Briefly, it is a waist-band attachment made of 2 opposing J-shaped pieces of Kydex. It goes on quickly and does not require a belt.

Belt sheath attached to Double-J. Eyelet spacing is also compatible with the Tek-Lok for bigger belts.

Double-J worn without a belt. Clips around waistband and in front of belt loop.

I normally hate wearing things on my waist. I've tried lots of gun holsters and by the end of the day I just want to drop-kick them across the room.(Because of this, I designed the UTB, which is actually better than any waist holster because it is clothing-independent, which means I'm more likely to have it than not.) With the HideAway on jeans, the clip of the Double-J just catches on the lip of the waistband. I position it *before* a belt loop, so that when I draw to the right, the belt loop also wedges the Double-J.

New batch from Mickey Yurco: New HideAways are in from Mickey Yurco. His satin finish is baby's butt smooth. Here are a couple that area extras (non-reserved) and are at Survival Sheath Systems right now being sheathed. I'm working on an "Available Now" page to list them. Meanwhile if you want to purchase one of the below, please send me email by clicking on "Contact".'

With winter coming, a couple people have recently ordered 1 size larger HideAways to access with gloves and affix to their inside coats via a locking suspender clip / alligator clip attachment (not shown yet). So they are wearing 2 HideAways, one as a neck knife, and one very close to the outside of their layers. The P7 below is not included :-).

October, 2003

Beta test started!: Beta test of my new knife deployment option has begun. Here are a couple first reactions: "[MyName], Congratulations, I love the concept, it follows right along with, "wouldn't it be great if...? that so many of us often wonder about with so many things, and so few of us actually do something to make it happen like you do. Your newest concept reminds me of a character in a sci-fi/fantasy anthology called [...]Anyway, great idea, nicely executed!

And: "They arrived, as promised today. Haven't had a chance to play with them much, but they are stunning. They're gonna be a lot of fun to experiment with..."

New HideAways In!! : Received a batch of S30V stainless HideAways from both Mickey Yurco and some S30V and Titanium HideAways from Mick Strider. Some of you folks in the smaller or larger sizes who have been waiting a while will be pleased! I need to sort out which is whose based on reservation date.

September, 2003

I received the production version of a new deployment option that I designed to the millimeter and had a manufacturer create. I have been testing it for a week of continuous use with my HideAways and Strider knives, and a collaborator has also started testing. I am completely thrilled and jumping up and down excited with how well it is working for me.

Beta test planned: My next step in making this product generally available is to have a wider group of people involved in testing and evaluating this new deployment option. Because although I can tell after a week of use that I'm always going to carry at least 1 knife this way, I want to make sure that it's good enough for others. I really hope so because I had to make a ton of them to meet just the minimum lot quantity with the manufacturer. So, what I'm going to do is this: I figure that people who have ordered HideAways so far are early adopter types who are good with experimenting and on the creative side. They could probably help me find uses for it that I have not thought of. In early October, I am going to send an email to folks I'm familiar with who have bought HideAways and who are on the waiting list, and see if they would like to purchase this option to help me evaluate it for 3 weeks. I'd like to give it away for free to evaluators, but I can't afford it! They will be < $25 though; probably $19.95. The only thing holding this up now is I need to fix my shopping cart software to charge $3 for shipping and handling. It seems to want to charge the knife rate regardless of what I do. Ya gotta love software!

Many thanks to knifemaker extraordinaire Ken Onion and patent attorney Bill from Pittsburgh for patent advice.

Customer feedback:Received some awesome feedback from someone who received their HideAway, a straight edge from Mickey Yurco.

Subject line: "I have to tell you this!"

Mail message: "Hi [my name], I simply must tell you that I love my HideAway more each day! With the pocket protection sheath it's my daily companion now, whatever dress I wear. BTW, probably you already know it, on the Emerson videos about the Karambit there is on Vol. 3 a technique called knife-boxing. This is ideal for the Straight. The Straight is even better designed for knife-boxing than a Karambit. If you can throw a decent jab, hook or uppercut it is simply devastating. -- All the best, [his name]"

One person described the HideAway as a Kerambit that doesn't flip. They have such different form factors they are like apples and oranges to me, but people still seem to tend to compare them. My engineering professor from college whom I called to ask a plastics question asked me what I was making. I described it to him and he said "Oh, you're making a Bengal claw!" He said 200 years ago Indonesian warriors would attach the claws shed by the ferocious bengal tigers to their fingers with leather. So perhaps they are related since the Kerambit has an Indonesian heritage. In any event, I'm glad that that person is enjoying his HideAway. Here is what he ordered:

August, 2003

This has been a great summer for HideAway collaborations.

Charles Marlowe sent me the first examples of what we are calling the "RadHard" HideAway finish. Charles has been making knives for 15 years. He specializes in tactical folders and pocket knives. Charles is a perfectionist, and the people who buy his knives know it.

The all-black looks very Darth Vader-ish. I love the all-blue, especially with jeans, but I'm not sure if guys would like it (do you?), so the all-blue might be 2-of-a-kind.

Also in August, Ray Ealdama sent me the first integrated badge holder with HideAway carrier. Ray is a Canadian who is a master at combining 3 different materials, viewflex, cordura, and kydex, for cool end results. Jim H., a HideAway owner, wrote the functional requirements spec from which Ray executed the design. He works at a Dept of Defense facility and is required to remove and hand over his badge several times a day. He was going through the plastic carriers 1 each month. He is ecstatic with what Ray created.

These cordura badge holders / HideAway holders are available in "I Want One". Check out the results of his artistry and skill and my customer's clarity is describing his needs.

July, 2003

Received some incredible knives from Joe "Chisel" Brum. Joe is skilled at small curvy blades. In addition, I noticed from his own gallery that he was experimenting with some cool looking light grey / dark grey finishes. So, we started "what-if-ing" about several possible ideas for new HideAway finishes. Joe came up with an ultimo clever way of applying these tone-on-tone finishes. Et voila. Introducing the new "Urban Camo" finishes:

It's difficult see from the pictures, but Joe tried to retain Paul Bos's heat treat blooms as much as possible. This gives the knife an undertone of subtle color in certain parts, but someone looking at it who didn't know wouldn't be quite sure why.

June, 2003

In June I added new sections of information to the web site: Skins, Sheaths, Testing, Training and A Cut Above. I wrote "A Cut Above" because people have asked a lot of questions about how the HideAway compares to other knives.

You can now order a variety of sheaths, including trainer sheaths as many people have requested, via this web site! These sheaths greatly increase the deployment options of your knife. I am receiving new suggestions for even more sheathing options from my customers - so stay tuned! Ex from Tony from Finland: Wanted - A waistband sheath that doesn't require a belt.

Also in June, I surveyed HideAway owners about deployment times for the sheaths that currently exist, by asking them to fill in the blanks of:
"Using a _____ sheath, it takes me _____ seconds to deploy the HideAway. I ___did or did not___ need to look at the capsule hole to draw the HideAway. Other things I want to tell you are _________________."
Responses ranged from 0.8 - 3 seconds to deploy the knife, with the belt sheath being the fastest, people don't need to look at the capsule to deploy, and lots of other cool feedback! I need to merge all the different emails into 1 and post it in the "Customer Feedback" section.

May, 2003

I worked with several exciting new makers and am prototyping a new model designed especially for German customers. In Germany, knife laws require that the blades be inline with the handle. I was discussing this problem with my buddy Gavin DeMersseman (aka, Mr.Skin). He sent me an Autocad file like what you see below.

This is what the prototype looks like. My german friend who has provided feedback on the project, Bernhard Matejka (aka, Bany) has suggested the name, "Stachel" which means "sting" in German.

Check out the newest HideAway prototype! This was prototyped in Corian - the kitchen counter material, which is very fun to mill.

Its objective is to be an extremely narrow and small yet practical-to-use knife that can be hidden away inside something as narrow as my jacket sleeve or a shirt lapel. Unlike other very concealable small knives, you actually have a prayer of holding on to this one.

It was also developed with the interests of people who are very interested in the retention properties of the HideAway but are from countries where blades that aren't fully inline with the handle have questionable legality.

The design reminds me of the symbol of Mercury, the winged messenger from Classic Roman mythology. Also in Greek Mythology as the Messenger-God Hermes. He was very fast, and wore a winged hat and winged shoes.

I called this new type of HideAway the HideAway Sting, or the HideAway Ankle Claw. Click on "Available Now" to see if there are any available in your size.

Mail me if you want one!

April, 2003

I added order status tracking so people could watch their dots move around the screen and better understand the custom knife-making process. Holy Toledo do people ever watch their dots! I make a small change to the sequence of the process and I get emails from folks saying Hey, my dot moved backwards!!

I gotta tell them, "Chill dude, you didn't really go backwards, it just looked like you went backwards!" For example some of the finishing artists like to have the knives heat treated before they do they do the initial grind. That rascal Rob Simonich told me, "Tell the other guys that they are "wusses" if they don't grind them hard."

If you have a HideAway reserved, click on "My order status" to see its current location in the custom process.I will request payment from you after I receive the knife from the artist but before any sheathing. That way if someone flakes out and doesn't pay (this kills me when it happens), I also don't have to pay the sheath bill. I don't like to take deposits or money until I have the completed knife in-hand. The duration of certain steps in the process are too unpredictable and out of my control, and having people's money in advance makes me uncomfortable.

Some people I have given 24 hour turnaround on their knives. Some people have been waiting 6 months. It depends on a lot of variables. That is a good reason to select "Any Artist" as your custom maker. All of the artists do excellent work or I wouldn't be collaborating with them. "Any Artist" reservations let me optimize for the earliest possible time when you get your knife. If your HideAway size is between 4.20" and 4.66", you will receive yours the fastest, because I over-cut that middle range of sizes. The smallest HideAway size so far is 3.53", and the largest is Chuck Bybee's 6.06"!! I have to change the bounds-checking on HideAway size to accommodate Chuck!

March, 2003

This site went live. Websites are a lot of work! I hereby request that you read every word here so that all the work will be worth it. :-).

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
Payments are welcome via Copyright 2003-2005 Artemis Defense Systems All Rights Reserved