In Pants Pocket
Pocket Protection by Yurco
The Ripp-Cord is a a pocket deployment option that will work with the sheaths that are already on your fixed blade
knives, including the bikini sheath that comes with every HideAway.
After 3 times attaching a Ripp-Cord, you'll be able to do it in 5 seconds. Yet another reason to not leave your knife at

You'll learn that you want to attach the screw at the release point for your knife's sheath. Where is that? It will be
obvious to you after a little experimentation. Kerambits are tricky in that they need 2 points of attachment, since the
draw is through an arc.
2 video clips are loading above that illustrate the Ripp-Cord being used in pants pocket and jacket pocket deployment.
Can you see the videos above? If not, please email me at
My coin pocket was too small for a HideAway, but it was
big enough on my roommate's pants, as you can see to
the left.

The SheathSticks are in "invisible mode" between the
coin pocket and the regular pants pocket. He carries his
midnight straight there.

Below, on his swimsuit, a Ti HideAway is SheathStick'd
into his suimsuit pocket. Black SheathSticks would not
show up for the photo, so I used the antiqued brass
Mickey Yurco's pocket protection sheath was the first pocket-based sheath for fixed-blade knives. It adds a hook on
the front of the sheath that grabs on to the pants when drawing from the pants pocket. The sheath will then either stay
in your pocket, or fall out of your pocket. This is an expensive sheath to make because it takes all my sheathmakers a
long time to make it, and the odds of one needing re-do before sending it out are high.
HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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