Shoulder (high-line) Carry Options
SheathSticks - Black Rivets style
The 2 pictures above show a way to attach if you want
less showing. The one to the right is for if you don't care
what shows.

I ship 2 zip-Ties FREE with every HideAway purchase. I
started doing this after SWAT/LEO type Jason Mark sent
me pictures of how he was rigging up his HideAway
using zip-ties.

Zip-ties are very inexpensive, and they add lots of
options for keeping an edge where you might need one.
You will need more length than you would expect. Get
ones that are 10" long and 0.186" wide. The ones
commonly available at the hardware store are too short
and too wide to fit through the bikini sheath eyelets.
This shows the Black Rivets style of SheathSticks securing a bikini sheath to a Midnight HideAway Straight .

When I had the first prototypes of the SheathSticks done, they had a 2-part locking back and were in only the
antiqued bronze to match jeans rivets. The most common question I received was, "Hey, can I get these in black?"
You XY's just like black! Live a little, would ya? :-)

To read more about SheathSticks and see a video of them in action, click on the collar-located HideAways on either
the male or the female. They give similar info but show different pictures.
Law enforcement and people who live at APO addresses (military) prefer carrying their HideAway high-line, aka or on
or around their shoulder. So do parachutists and hikers. Someone at an APO address who spends a lot of time in a
turrett (I had to look up what that meant...) says his HideAway has become his most used knife because it's right
there on his shoulder within easy reach.
Many thanks to Piotr Makuch of Poland and his wife for taking these pictures.
The Belt-Wrap sized for gun-belts will also go around most shoulder straps. There are ___ advantages to a
Belt-Wrap: 1) It has no hard plastic parts, 2) It is form-fitting around the strap so there is less "play", 3) It is almost
invisible compared to other belt clips, 4) It works with all HideAways bikini sheaths, which come free with your
HideAway, so overall it's a less-expensive option. Other clips (TekLok and Double-J) require a belt-sheath.
Thanks to Chris Uminowicz for these 2 pics below, and
thanks to his buddy and skydive photographer Grant
Alexander for that amazing picture above. Chris is at 9:00
in the red and black in the picture of the 8-way above.

Here is a photo of Chris's adorable mother, Adele.
I need to talk her into accepting a little less edge and
mass for a LOT more portability and practicality :-).
Thanks to Mick Strider for the way-cool photos above and the cord-wrapping on my HideAway.
There is more than duct tape holding Ken Brock's HideAway on, but you can't see the screw. Ken is to the left and
his buddy Roger is to the right in both pictures above. Roger has a misguided notion that his HideAway that Ken
ground for him is better than the one that Ken ground for me.
Some use the handy Bro-Clip to clip their HideAway onto a cordura loop on their shoulder strap. I found this out
after 2 LEO types ordered a bra clip. Since I could tell from their names that they were guys, I asked them what were
they going to do with them. One was for high-line carry, the other was to attach to a pouch / carrier.

I thought that was cool, but was telling my sheathmaker Ken Brock that I didn't think many guys would order
something called a "Bra Clip". So Ken said, "Then call it a Bro Clip." !!

Thanks to Chaz for the good close-up of the clip on the left. Someone asked me if it goes through your clothing. I
think it *could*, but it hasn't on my bra. It leaves a mark, not a hole. However, if you are sensitive about a hole that
small being left in your clothing, please do NOT get it.
HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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