Skinning your HideAway with paracord takes 10 minutes to do after you gather the materials.

People order cord-wrapping for 3 reasons:

  1. It looks cool.
  2. Some people prefer the extra cush. I can not tell the difference in feeling in actual use. I like how it makes it a little snugger for utility purposes. You can wear a HideAway while opening mail, paying bills online, etc.
  3. Choosing cord-wrapping means that I calculate a slightly different size HideAway to fit your hand. This means that you could at some point take off the cord-wrap, and it would fit when wearing thin gloves. Some folks are interested in this because they have found a way to attach their HideAway bikini sheath semi-permanently inside a winter coat or light summer vest.

Here's how to do it. Thanks to SWAT / LEO type Ken Brock for providing me with a picture tutorial of how he cord-wrapped his HideAway. I experimented with it some and took these pictures.

First Step: Get a HideAway.Decide which color paracord you'd like. I picked tan because that makes it blends in better with my skin. And because it matches my army jacket. Just kidding - I don't have an army jacket. But if I did, it would match it.

Find these things. Ask permission before using your spouse's fingernail scissors to prevent domestic squabbles.Decore the paracord.

Cut the paracord at an angle.Singe the ends for 1 second so they don't fray.

Pull enough paracord through so that
2-3 wraps will cover it. 
Now it goes quickly. Take care to leave the EyeLOK holes open as you go around the curves. Keep the paracord pulled tight.

Slow up as you approach the remaining cord-wrap hole. This is the tricky part.Make the final 2 wraps loose. You could singe the other end of the paracord and cut it at an angle too.

Pull through hole but keep the final 2 wraps loose.Put it under the final 2 wraps, and pull very tightly.

If you didn't singe the end, a drop of glue will keep it from fraying.Wipe off excess glue

Snip off the excess.Tuck any remaining cord under the 3'rd wrap

Remember to return the cuticle scissors to where you got them to promote domestic tranquility.Check the opposite side.

Opposite side picture.Put a microlight through a bottom lanyard hole and you have a light and an edge all in 1 package.

Et voila! Skinned HideAway with bikini sheath.

Does your HideAway not have cord-wrap holes? Not a problem - just click here.

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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