Autocad results look like this:

If your HideAway is at this stage, it means that you or someone in your batch has ordered a size that I have not yet put into CAD. This step will eventually not exist, probably after this batch. At that point, I will have autocaded almost every size.

I use a Visual Basic HideAway Creator program written to scale the 14 curves in a HideAway a certain amount depending both on the size and which curve is being scaled. I've tested this program, which involved a non-trivial amount of trigonometry, on dozens of prototypes, and so far it creates a perfect fit for a given measurement.

Perfect HideAway fit = the HideAway is big enough to yank on quickly + small enough to stay on your hand if it relaxes and drops downward.

To the right is the program interface (I know, very casual, but it's just for me!) and the resulting blade.

HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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