Wanted to do HideAway testing on something more than my Rip Redondo green-upholstery-foam-wrapped training dummy.   Am not referring to testing in terms of a scientifically conducted experiment. I am an engineer so I know what that means, and this is not that. This was simply to get a feel for what cutting with HideAways was like on the earliest models made. Pictures first, then observations at the end.

- - - - - -

Went to the grocery store to look for real meat to cut. I asked the meat guy what was the toughest piece of meat he had. He seemed confused. “No one has ever asked me that question before.”

Rump Roast ~ 3 inches thick

Beef Ribs

Beef brisket

Cut nail holes in the rump roast and beef ribs to keep them still.

I had a limited time to do all this, so I took this piece of already-nailed wood from my garage.

Then decided I should put some clothing on one, and got an old tee-shirt.

Mr. Ant decided to join me.

Tested with 3 HideAways, Ti, Hybrid, Straight

On each, stabbed first, just once, then twice faster.

Then cut sideways.

HideAway in camo
To end on a more upbeat note
This was the last shot I took before cleaning up, and I forgot my HideAway in there. Later that night I had a spaz until I remembered where it was. THEN it wasn’t that easy to find beccause it is camo and it was dark! My Surefire e2e helped.

2 HideAways sent to a SEAL
He already had a Straight "Ice on Mars" anodized titanium model like the one shown, and I recently shipped this Satin Hybrid and more carry options. Did you know that you can swim while wearing a HideAway? You don't grip it, the HideAway grips you. A diver in the Boston area is wearing one attached via a reel retractor to his wetsuit.

Single-edge, dual-bevel straight HideAway finished by Ken Brock


A few observations:

- Because of the capsule I could just pull pull pull back towards myself really freaking hard. My pulling muscles in my arm and shoulder are reasonably strong, or strong enough, so it seemed easy. Felt like I didn’t have to be careful to make it work. On the exposed meat, any kind of an entrance and pull was devastatingly effective. On the tee-shirted meat, I needed to stab first and then pull.

- The meat was a lot deeper than 2 inches in several places, yet I was still able to hit wood, after I got over the ick feeling of having cold bloody meat on my hands. This surprised me. Holding a ruler up to my body, 2-3 inches seems like it could hit a lot of vital things, especially around my throat.

- Blade geometry didn’t seem to matter a lot. The straight one seemed a little stabbier, the hybrid seemed to take the corners and curve around the edges really well. I have no formal knife training or MA training, and this is what someone “out of the box” should be able to do with a little practice with the trainer.

- I was surprised at the armor effect that just a tee-shirt provided against cutting sideways. With any knife, I really had to stab first then pull sideways.

- Consistent with all this, if someone were trying to hurt me, I would draw and go for his throat. If I could connect with his throat before I was knocked out, I think it would be contest over.


HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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