On-Waist, no belt
One of the things that set me on a path to designing alternative means of carry was that almost all carry methods relied
on a belt. Belts are like vestigial organs to me. God gave me hipbones so I don't need belts.

The other problem, is that most of the belt-required carry options are far bigger and clunkier than what is necessary. If I
could strap a big knife on to my thigh and not get fired or cause a public disturbance, I would! Because bigger is
better, right? But I can't. Also that would give up the element of surprise.
My customer Chaz figured out this application of the Bro-Clip. Thanks Chaz for being clever about this and also for
taking the illustrative pics!
OK, quick, look left. Which is the SheathStick and which
is the actual rivet?

I have it circled above so you can look there for a hint.

The SheathStick that blends best depends on what you
Patriotic Star - looks great on collars, no 2'nd looks
Strider FWP - looks formal enough for a tie-tack, also
looks great on collars, would work well on jeans if you
have pewter-colored rivets
Jeans Rivets - blends well on jeans or jeans jackets
Black Rivets - because all you XY's who participated in
the beta testing wanted black! Okay, okay, I admit it is
the stealthiest, if you are wearing black!
Chaz swiveled around his bro clip, and applied Lock-Tite
to the Chicago Screw. The sheath shown is the Bikini
sheath that is shipped with every HideAway.
The Double-J by J-Co is a clever implementation of a belt clip formed by 2 overlapping J-shaped pieces of Kydex. The J
catches on the lip of a thicker waistband.
If you are carrying like this, you need to position the Double-J as shown, before a belt loop, for a right handed draw.
HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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