On-Belt carry options
Some days it's really cool being me.

Like when Mickey sent me these 2 sheaths for my
birthday. Meet Mr. Snakey and Ms. Lizard. These 2 are
one-offs and are not orderable. Mine mine mine! :-)
Most men's dress belts are 1-1.25". Gun belts are typically 1.5" tall. Some duty belts are 1.75". Please order the correct
size for your belt. A video below left is loading. It will be the last image to load on this page.
I completed the Belt-Wrap design in August, 2004.
There are 4 advantages to a Belt-Wrap:

1) It has no hard plastic parts to jab at you.
2) It is form-fitting around the belt so there is less "play"
in the drawstroke.
3) It is almost invisible compared to other belt clips.
4) It works with all HideAways bikini sheaths, which come
free with your HideAway, so overall it's a less-expensive
option. Other attachments (TekLok and Double-J) require
a belt-sheath.
Mickey Yurco made the gorgeous leather you see below. Mickey, a part time leather-meister and full-time LEO, is in
high demand. If you order leather, you will definitely receive your leather after you receive your knife.
The Double-J by J-Co is 2 overlapping J-shaped pieces of

This is a fast-on, fast-off type of belt attachment. Works
best when positioned before a belt loop, so that the belt
loop is also bracing the drawstroke.
The Tek-Lok by BladeTech is also available for your

This option, like the Double-J, requires an additional
sheath, a "belt sheath" shown above on the Midnight
curvy, because of the bigger eyelet holes needed.
Those ever-useful Zip-ties strike again!

Thanks to Joshua Reis for providing the pictures
showing how he used the FREE zip-ties included with his
HideAway and some extra nylon strapping to lash his
knife to his belt.
On-belt, pocket deployment, and SheathSticks are the most popular deployment options ordered in the past 2 months.
HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.
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